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Tsukiji Fish Market Shopping and Cook Like a Local Session in May

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's been very warm days in Tokyo in late May this year. The temperature around 26℃to 28℃ is almost t in July to August in average in the year which is unusual weather. However, the humidity is not as uncomfortable as in mid summer in this country. It's been much less humidity and easy to cool down in the shade.

I have welcomed a lady from Florida for Tsukiji fish market shopping and a cooking class. The tour provides the activity combined walking tour and cooking. We bought fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables in the specialty shop in the outer market and bring back to my kitchen for cooking lunch.

In my tour I usually take the client for pottery tableware shopping and visit to shrine. There are so attractive small tea cups, sake glassware and chopstick rest in the specialty shop. It is very fun time for find something special for them.

We of cause buy fresh seafood for sushi and other dishes. Then we take a taxi to get back to the kitchen for cooking lunch.

The menus are mostly fixed as two kinds of sushi, but if the guests requested something special, we prepare the dishes or prepare in advance if it takes time for cooking.

Every guests enjoyed both Tuskiji fish market shopping, cooking and having lunch as the most memorable day during the trip in Japan.

Thank you for taking my Tsukiji fish market shopping and cooking session!

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