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Hi There!

I'm Fukuko, Culinary experienced  Japanese chef as well as a Sake sommelier.

What I offer you is:

  • Knowledge of Japanese Food Culture

  • Techniques of Japanese Cooking

My passion is to share, not only techniques but also a history which is the unique point that you’ll get from her Japanese cooking classes – this includes sushi making.
You can learn how to make sushi at many places in Japan, and in the world, but it is very rare to learn its culture, as well which is why I run the classes.
For example, the participants learn about one of the most famous Japanese seasonings – “miso” – which is super healthy food and used since the Heian period (from the 8th century), so gaining knowledge of miso and how to cook miso soup.
If you are interested in sake, there is a class for you to learn and compare the different tastes, depending on the manufacturing area, rice, water and the process with some delicious Japanese nibbles.
You will find the Japanese cooking classes, which are instructed in English at Food & Friends Tokyo, have a very friendly atmosphere and you are guaranteed to learn a lot, as many participants express their happy feelings and appreciation at the end of classes or by email later to make all the classes even better.
There are two venues one in Tokyo and one in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture – a beautiful resort town in the mountains.
 Food & Friends Tokyo is proud to offer Japanese cooking classes to anyone to make their time in Japan even more memorable.

Fukuko Kishimoto

Originating from Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture where there is a lot of snow during winter.
Having worked as a flight attendant for 8 years, both domestically and internationally, I found that I had visited more than 20 cities in the world. These experiences made me aware of the treasure of local foods, and also the value of Japanese foods, which was such a wonderful discovery for me.
Throughout my career as the flight attendant, I learned a lot, such as hospitality and skills in serving wine, sake and other alcoholic beverages in order to make all the passengers in first-class feel comfortable during their flight – and it is those experiences that led me to the food industry.

2000 Moved to NY
I lived in New York City for 8 years, and Chicago for 2 years – in total of 10 years in the US, due to my husband's business relocation. It was an enjoyable life, and quite a variety of foods. So I decided to study about food and so enrolled in a Diploma of Culinary Art program at the Institute of Culinary Education (also an M.A of Food Studies) at New York University.

What I learned at the Institute of Culinary Education:
High-quality experiences of French, International culinary and baking, using various fresh ingredients, whilst I also enjoying both learning and its environment.

I had a great opportunity to work for a traditional French restaurant, Chanterelle in NYC which was run by a well-known chef and served high-end dishes for 6 months.
Later becoming a food writer for a Japanese professional journal magazine in NYC, writing more than 40 articles about cafés and management. I also started writing about Japanese recipes with local ingredients for a Japanese local town paper in the city.
What I learnt at New York University:
I majored in Food Studies, and had to study and research food, nutrition, entrepreneurship, food process, writing, International food matter, and the history. My research was for Japanese food company and restaurants in NYC.
2009 Back to Japan
I continued the research of International food, and began to take Japanese cooking classes regularly; and I also started learning to be sake sommelier.
2016 Started teaching Japanese cooking, and became a sake sommelier.
I started working as a Japanese food education instructor and gave cooking classes for mothers and children at Chiyoda-city public health centre.
In October 2016, I became Kikizake-shi (Sake sommelier) Certified by SSI.
In May 2017, I became an International Kikizake-shi (Sake sommelier) certified by SSI.
I took an Authentic Japanese Cooking Course at Egami Cooking School
Certified Public health supervisor by Tokyo city
Certified Fermented Food Maister by Japan fermented food culture institute

I would love to share all my food experiences with you!





ニューヨーク大学 食研究科 修士課程

Institute of Culinary Education in NY 料理学校卒業



東京・四ツ谷 Food & Friends Tokyo


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