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Karuizawa English Activity

Karuizawa, Nagano-pref

Home-Style Cooking in a Country House

​長野県 軽井沢町


Are you looking for an off the path experience while you are staying in Japan?

Special private cooking experience in Karuizawa, quiet mountain resort 1-hour escape from Tokyo

Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture is the closest mountain resort to Tokyo, 1-hour JR bullet train ride takes you to an altitude of approx. 1000 meters, the town provides a seasonal activity, such as golf, tennis, skiing and ice skating, and museums of art galleries and outlet shopping in beautiful nature.  They're also well-known for summer houses in the area especially people who escape from the summer heat in Tokyo.

Japanese Cooking  Class with Local Ingredients

We will cook home-style dishes with local ingredients. Please choose your favorite ingredients for the main dish from wagyu beef or chicken. We will cook other seasonal side dishes, rice, and soup.

Full meal lunch is served with local Sake

Enjoy a full sit-down meal with your classmates. The seasonal local dishes will be served with a short lecture about Japanese table manners.

Since the Instructor is a certified Sake Sommelier, locally brewed Japanese Rice Wine, Sake, will be served at your mealtime.

After lunch, Green tea and Japanese sweets will be served too.

-  The Recipes  -

You will receive a complete recipe by email after the class.  

Furthermore, some recipes call the universal ingredients you can get easy as long as there are Asian supermarkets around your area. You can recreate the dishes in your home kitchen.

-  About Menu  -

The ingredients will be determined by the seasons and the supplier’s situation. If you have any dietary restrictions or prefer vegan and vegetarian sushi, please let me know on your booking.

Feel Nature and Atmosphere of the Japanese countryside

Please enjoy staying at the house for a while and feel the peaceful atmosphere until 3 pm. You can walk around the area.

Karuizawa English Activity
Karuizawa Activity for family
Karuizawa English Activity for couple
Karuizawa English Activity countryhouse