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Sushi Making Class

in Tokyo



Cooking a sushi platter

and homestyle seasonal dishes

with fresh mochi sweets

Cooking Japanese Rice without a Rice Cooker

Sushi Rice Recipe without Rice Cooker
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The sushi platter that we make is a home-style, which means those recipes are doable at your home easy. We will cook sushi rice from scratch using a regular pot, not a rice cooker, and you will learn how to cook perfect rice for either regular Japanese rice and sushi rice with many tips. 


Making 3 Kinds of Homestyle Sushi


Techniques for making sushi will be shown during the cooking time, such as how to seasoning rice for Sushi, how to roll or how to make a rice ball for Sushi.

Salmon Aburi-zushi means blow torching over salmon sashimi, which is the highlight of the cooking class.

Also, you will cook Tamago-yaki, Japanese omelet, for sushi roll ingredients which everybody loves to cook and taste it.

Prepare Japanese Side Dishes and Soup and Desert


You will also learn how to cook a seasonal home-style dish using miso, miso soup, and fresh mochi for the dessert. Fresh mochi served with sweet red bean will be an unforgettable taste and texture for mochi lovers.

-  The Recipes  -

You will receive a complete recipe by email after the class.  

Furthermore, some recipes call the universal ingredients you can get easy as long as there are Asian supermarkets around your area. You can recreate the dishes in your home kitchen.

-  About Menu  -

The ingredients will be determined by the seasons and the supplier’s situation.If you have any dietary restrictions or prefer vegan and vegetarian sushi, please let me know 48 hours prior to the class.

Lunch Time

served with Japane