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Tonkatsu Pan Fried Pork

Tonkatsu literally means pork “cotelette", the word and the cooking technique came from French about 250 years ago. The cotelette is originally cooked with veal and searved with demi-glace sauce. A western style restaurant started to cook the dish with pork and the dish became the staple style of dish.

As a home style cooking, we eat pork more often than beef because pork is less expensive. Currently beef has been imported from Australia and USA and those are less expensive than the domestic raised beef. I think the price is similar to domestic good-quality pork. We also cook chicken as a Chicken cutlet for the dish, but still pork coutlet is more popular than other meat and poultry.

I used pork shoulder for the recipe at this time but using pork loin is better for making Tonkatsu. In fact, pork loin, the back area, contains less fat and more tender and that suits to cook tonkatsu. I think most suitable part is the tenderloin or medallion those are good-quality part of pork. We also cook chicken as a chickinkatsu, but still pork cutlet is more popular than other meat and poultry.

Additionally, As I explained, Tonkatsu is usually cooked as a deep fry, but my recipe doesn't call litters of vegetable oil. I usualy fry them with shallow depth of vegetable oil. My home style Tonkastu is " pan fried pork". When the pork cooking in the oil over medium-high heat, you shouldn't move while the panko breadcrumbs are cooked completely and the color turns golden brown. As long as the pork stays in the oil enough time in certain temperature, the pork will be fried crispy.

Japanese restaurant serve Tonkatsu with fresh shredded cabbage and vegetables such as tomato wedges and cucumbers. Chilled vegetable refreshes mouth greases from the fried pork. I also serve those vegetables when i cook Tonkatsu at home.

The tonkatsu sauce I use a bottle of Tonkatsu sauce, which is commonly sold in Japanese grocery stores and the taste similar to A-one sauce or Worcester sauce.

If you have enough time and energy, there is a recipe for the sauce accompany with the tonkatsu.

The tonkatsu sauce I use a bottle of Tonkatsu sauce, which is commonly sold in Japanese grocery store and the taste similar to A-1 sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Some restaurants serve a tiny sesame grinder with seasonings and ground sesame with Tonkatsu plate to the table. People grind and mix the seasoning to finish the sauce. Then ready to eat Tonkatsu meal. Miso katsu is also a popular dish. The sauce is made from little acidic and sweet miso. That is originally from Nagoya area and now popular nationally.

I often asked a nasty question to them that the fried pork is similar to Schnitzel, and just cook pork instead of chickens, right? Then they shook the head and denied. Tonkatsu seems like a must-try food for tourists.

Tonkatsu Deep fried Pork Cutlet for 2 people

Ingredients for 2 people

Pork loin 1 cm to 3 cm thickness choose the thickness as you like

room temperature at least 30 min before cooking.

Salt 1/2 teaspoon or more, depend on the thinness

Pepper moderate amount to coat over the pork slice

Flour moderate amount to coat over the pork slice

Egg 1 each for the egg wash

Panko bread crumbs moderate amount to coat over the pork slice

Vegetable oil 4 cm from the bottom of the frying pan

Sliced cabbage

Wedged tomatoes

Sliced cucumber

for the sauce

Ketchup 3 Tablespoons

Miso 1 Tablespoon

Soy sauce 1/2 Tablespoon

Honey 1 Tablespoon

Dijon Mustard 1 teaspoon

* Adjust your favorite taste


Remove the fat, rim of the meat slice, and poke the muscles, white part, with point of the cooking knife.

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the both sides of sliced pork, and dread with flour, egg wash, and dread with panko bread crumbs.

prepare vegetable oil in a deep pan and heat about 180 ℃ over medium to medium high heat. Cook the dreaded pork both sides for 3 min. Do not move while the pork is cooking. Turn over and cook another 3 min or until the pork will be cooked completely. Transfer them to the rack and leave for a while.

Cut the fried pork into the crosswise and serve with shredded cabbage and vegetables. Spoon the sauce over the Tonkastu.

If you like to learn how to cook crispy pan-fried Tonkatsu,

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