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Japanese food culture and the fermented food

I'm currently interested in about Japanese fermented food. Once i studied and obtained the certification of " Japanese fermented meister " issued by Japanese fermented culture organization. I wanted to learn about correct understanding of Japanese food culture and fermented food to share the knowledge with my cooking class students from over the world.

Since the COVID-19 has occurred this spring and and had time for stay-home, I had chance to read books related to fermented food. I understood more about Japanese food culture and the healthy benefits of ferment ingredients.

I believe the health benefits of the foods might fascinate people not only Japanese people but people in the world. I'll break down the Japanese ferment food and explain the production process, healthy benefit and aspect of the taste of umami.

What is definition of Japanese food?

We Japanese enjoy cooking and eating wide variety of daily food, such as ramen, curry, crocket, pasta, spring rolls, grilled fish and etc. However, an image that reflect I our mind is dish which is cooked with soy sauce and miso.

Japanese restaurants are existing all over the world, and the taste has been fascinating the people over the courtiers as well. As my experience of teaching Japanese cooking for people from the world, they eager to learn the cooking and techniques and willing to recook at their kitchen at home. Some students sent me the picture of elaborate homemade ramen, set of the vegetable dishes just I taught at the class and marinated sashimi beautifully arranged in a local porcelain. I believe the Japanese ingredients are pricy in countries other than japan, but they tried to cook Japanese home dishes by themselves.

I believe it worth to cook the food at home. Although you need initial cost to purchase Japanese seasoning and I believe it is bit pricy other than Japan. If you already have left of miso container in your fridge and wondered how to use it, please refer to my easy recipes.

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