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Sake class for a couple from Berlin, Germany

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

It was early summer in July. Wonderful couple from German took sake class. Japanese sake is quite rare but popular and common drink is beer. When I visited Frankfurt as flight attendant, I rather enjoyed apple wine.

What we offer at sake class is,


lecture of sake producing procedures, small part of history, what made the taste differences of sake. Also be instructed how to read sake label. Generally it is difficult to "read" the label because most of them are written in Japanese character, but most of them show the very important part which we want to know to imagine the taste.


Pour 4 kinds of sake into the small cups and taste them including visual evaluation, smell the aroma, taste sake until after note. We also exchange the descriptions of the taste, such as citrus taste, rich texture, crisp flavor and feel free something we express what the taste the sake. Also we pay attention the difference of the taste of 4 kinds of sake.


Now food sample is served. There are 5 kinds of food, such as small rolled sushi, 3 kinds of miso with vegetables, Tofu dish, seasonal fruits and sweets. I suggest food and paired sake, but participants can enjoy to find a pairing by themselves. This is the fun time to encounter new tastes.

The participants can now find their favorite types of bottle to enjoy sake during the stay, and local Japanese restaurant.

I always wishing people who take my class will enjoy more Japanese food and the culture while the rest of the trip in Japan.

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