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A family from Barcelona for a seasonal cooking course

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Lovely family from Barcelona

Welcomed 7 dishes cooking in my new kitchen in June. I have welcomed my first guests for my new house. Our family have just moved in the house 2 weeks before the class.

They all enjoyed cooking, I felt like my friends family visiting my house. In the picture, they are now start to roll up thin sliced beef with vegetables, such as asparagus and carrot. Asparagus is now in season in Japan and this is easy to get any local grocery store in the world.

We cooked 7 dishes at the class

  • Sliced beef rolled up with asparagus and carrot

  • Pan seared eggplant and Japanese pepper with miso sauce

  • Agedashi-dofu, fried tofu with thickened dashi stock with minced shrimp

  • Miso marinated Spanish makarel

  • Bonito sashimi with Japanese herbs

  • Cucumber with cream sesame sauce

  • Rice cooked with corn

  • Miso soup

Everybody did a great job!

It is difficult to cook the same menus at home, because even I don't cook 7 dishes for everyday's meal. I hope you will cook some of the dishes at home.

Enjoy Japanese Cooking!

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