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Seasonal Japanese Home S tyle Cooking Class  

in Yotsuya Tokyo

Cook What’s in Season in Japan

An unique and important point to the class is that you will learn, not only how to cook Japanese, but gain a lecture at the beginning of the class about Japanese seasonings. The session make you cook Japanese food much easier than you thought. Japanese people love to use seasonable and fermented ingredients, which are very tasty, but also have an impact on our health and well being, contributing to a long, healthy life, that may just be that "eye-opening" experience for you.


After the lecture, you will start to cook Japanese home-style, seasonable foods, instructed by a well-established Japanese chef, but also tasting sake with a Sake sommelier. All taking place at a venue that feels you'e been invited to a friend's home, so quite a fantastic experience.

As you might already find, it is a full scale class for you to enjoy!


Class Schedule

  1. Learn Japanese food culture-Japanese seasonings and sake ( 30 min)

  2. Cooking time    cooking-Main dish ( pork,chicken or seafood), three side dishes with rice and miso soup (90 min)

  3. Meal Time  a Glass of paired sake will be served  (60 min)


  • Green tea and Japanese sweets whilst the instructor answers all of your questions

  • Recipe will be sent to your email after the class.



 Choose your main dish from main dish option from list below. Or I will select               seasonal main dish for you. 


We will cook:

   One main dish,  3 side dishes with seasonal ingredients,  steamed rice and miso soup. 

   A glass of paired sake will be served with meal.


   *If you like to taste 4 kinds ot sake for sake tasting, I will offer you additional 3000 JPY per person 



Main Menus


  • Ginger Pork 

  • Tonkatsu, misokatsu  Deep fried pork cutlet 

  • Katsu-don                  Cook fried pork with egg

  • Hamburg                   Japanese style burger

  • Menchi-katu,  Fried burger

  • Tatsuta-age,             Soy sauce marinade fried pork

  • Okonimi-yaki            Savory cabbage pancake 

  • Soboro-don   

 Cooked ground pork, fine     scrambled egg and cooked         green over rice 

    Wagyu beef   additional

   1000 yen per person 


  • Teriyaki Chicken 

  • Chicken karaage  Japanese style fried chicken 

  • Chicken nanban   fried chicken marinated in sweet sour sauce served with egg salad

  • Chicken roll with vegetables

  • Tukune, chicken meat ball skewer

  • Oyako-don     Cooked chicken with onion and egg


  • Sushi  Combination of sushi roll, inari zishi, salmon aburi-zushi and Nigiri-zushi

  • Simmered fillet of fish 

  • Salmon teriyaki

  • Pan fried mackerel marinated in sweet sour sauce

  • Fried Shrimp and seafood 

  • Seafood and vegetable tempura 

Vegetarian /Vegan 
  • Vegetable sushi

  • Okonomi-yaki , savory cabbage pancake 

  • Spring roll with cooked dried daikon 

  • Vegetable Tempura 

  • Chirashi-zushi with julienne egg 


​Yotsuya Tokyo 

Location ​

Meeting at Yotsuya Station Mall
in Yotsuya Tokyo
  • 5 min from Shinjuku Station 
  • 10 min from Tokyo Station 
  • 7 min from Akihabara  station
  • 10 min from Harajuku 
  • 15 min from Shibuya 

Time and Duration

10am to 1pm
3 Hours


10000 JPY per person
4 Kinds of sake tasting is available additional 2000 yen per person.


  • Min 2 people to 6 people 

  • The class is not a private class. There might be attended other participants who request the same date. 

  • The first signed up participant can decide the cooking menu.

  • Please let me know your food restrictions if you have

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