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Welcomed wonderful family from L.A.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I have welcomed a family for 7 dishes cooking course in June. I am always impressed how people in my class are all wonderful and LOVELY! I always feel happy and warm when I cook together with such people. I appreciate you come to my cooking class!

They are very close family and the parents are the great cook. They did prep very fast, neat and clean. I learned a lot.

What we cooked at the class is in season dishes

Thin sliced beef rolled up with asparagus and carrot

Grilled miso marinated Spanish mackerel

Pan seared eggplant and Japanese pepper with miso sauce

Sliced cucumber with cream sesame sauce

Corn cooked with rice

Bonito sashimi

Miso soup

Great work all!

I hope you will cook the dishes at home kitchen.

Enjoy Japanese cooking!

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