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Private Cooking Class in May

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's been beautiful day in early May in Tokyo. I have welcomed beautiful lady from LA this morning. She is very open minded for Japanese unique ingredients so we prepared food what's in season in Japan.

The characteristic ingredients in spring is fresh baby squid. We eat this in raw as sashimi, and often eat with sweet vinegar miso. As the preparation, I usually remove the eye balls of squids because those bother the texture.

Baby squid sashimi is often served with sweet sour miso. The miso sauce is very useful as salad dressing or sauce for sashimi, I like to use it for white fish sashimi.

We cooked many home style dishes besides baby squid sashimi.


Oyako-don, cooked chicken and egg in soy sauce scented dashi stock over rice

Pan fried spring vegetables with miso sauce

Baby squid sashimi with seaweed salad

Miso soup

Thank you very much for coming Private Seasonal Cooking Class in Food & Friends Tokyo!

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Sep 26, 2021

Thiss was lovely to read

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