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Casual Sushi Class 6000 yen

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

2 Hours Sushi and Sweets Lesson in Tokyo Making a Sushi Platter, Home Style Miso soup and Assorted Mochi Sweets

We will cook
  1. Maki-zushi , Sushi roll

  2. Inari-zushi, sushi rice in seasoned fried tofu pocket

  3. Salmon aburi-zushi, nigiri sushi rice with torched surface of fresh salmon and special condiments

  4. Tamago-yaki, egg omelette for maki-zushi ingredient

  5. Fresh mochi for the dessert

Making Sushi Rice, there are many tips to make nice sushi rice

Making tamago-yaki , egg omelette

Made fresh mochi dough and let them cook in boiled water

Now let's make sushi together!

Lastly, torch surface of fresh salmon and make it delicious!

“We LOVED our sushi making class. Fukuko made us feel at home in her kitchen and we a great teacher. I fully understand why my sushi always falls apart when I try to make it at home I can't wait to go back and try out her technique”
"This is one of those experiences that really gives you the chance to experience another culture with and inside perspective. Fukuko was so kind and knowledgeable and always made sure everyone in our group had a chance to experience each step in the coking process"
"This was such as amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience! Easily my favorite part of my trip to Tokyo! We learned detailed directions on how to make 3 types of sushi, miso soup and a traditional dessert"

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