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Casual Sake Tasting and Food Pairings 6000 yen

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Welcome to Japanese Sake World!

This class is suitable for beginners to getting to know what is Japanese sake.

You will learn

Sake manufacturing process

Japanese fermented food

How to taste sake with tips

How to marriage sake and food

Enjoy taste your own paring food and sake!

You will taste

4 different types of sake 5 bite-sized food samples go with each sake Food samples 1.Cold tofu with local condiments

2.A bite-sized sushi roll

3. 3 types local miso with fresh vegetable sticks

4. Seasonal fruits

5. Japanese sweets

Class fee: 6000 yen per person

“Fukuko-san made sure that this was an incredibly informative and unique learning session” by male from Mexico in Mar '19
" Fukuko's sake tasting and education far exceeded my expectations. She is very knowledgeable about sake, and Japanese cuisine and culture. I really enjoyed the food pairings with the various sake she provided. by female from UK in Dec '18
"Absolutely wonderful! Highly recommended as the first thing to do for people travelling to Japan for the first time!"

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