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Sake Tasting Class for beautiful mother and daughter from India

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It was wonderful opportunity to meet a mom and a daughter from Mumbai in India.

They are interested in Japanese sake, but didn't know well about it since it is rare chance to drink sake in the country, mostly sake is served in Japanese restaurant.

I'm so glad to hear they love Japanese food and sake, and interested in Japanese food culture.

After learned sake brewing process, 4 types of sake is served and takes time to taste them carefully. We talked about the fragrance, the texture, taste and feeling going down the throat.

Then food samples will be served and enjoying paring the food and sake. Today's guests enjoyed both food samples and sake. Many people are interested in to pairing 3 types of miso and sake. Japanese sweets are also go with certain kind of sake.

Everybody become happy after tasting sake and Japanese food!

It is fulfilling 1.5 hours Sake Tasting and Food Pairing Class.

Thank you for coming my class in Tokyo!

Click the image to book the class!

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