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Oikawa in Nihonbashi, Enjoy Kyoto style Kaiseki course

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Wagyu beef steak in a bamboo shoot container
Chef Oikawa served gorgeous meals from his small kitchen

I took a Kaiseki, traditional meal course style, Japanese cooking class which is offered by a sake brewery company in early spring. I really enjoyed the class because the chef showed us the cooking techniques generously with a lot of humor.

Generally, Japanese chefs don't talk that much to the guests, chefs are more like reticently.

However, chef oilawa enjoys to communicate people to explain the seasonal ingredients, seasonings and how to cook them.

After I took his cooking class, I decided to visit his restaurant in near future.

I made a reservation for counter seats and looking forward to meet him again in his restaurant.

I visited with my friends for lunch time. The cozy restaurant is in a small alley, and I got lost on the way to the place. My friends went straight to there.

Each dishes are wonderful as I expected. The plates, potteries are fabulous.

There is something nice food in a fish pottery

There is sashimi salad in the fish

There are many tricks in his meal course. That was very impressive and I would say the meal course is not only enjoy delicious food, but also wonderful food experience.

The restaurant takes reservations for non-Japanese visitors. Hope you enjoy the food and the presentation.

OIkawa, Nihonbashi

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