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Japanese Style Escabeche, Nanban zuke.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Salmon Nanban-zuke, cooked salmon marinated in soy sauce based sweet sour seasonings.

There is a similar dish to escabeche, Spanish cooking, in common Japanese dish. ​Japanese Nanban marinade cooking is pan fried or deep fried meat, poultry or seafood marinated in soy sauce based vinegar sauce. marinade ingredients are easy to remember. Just combine same amount of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and sake. Soy sauce 1 : Vinegar 1: Sugar 1: Sake 1

​Prepare the marinade seasoning in a tray or shallow container then pan fry or deep fry the protein and vegetable ingredients. Right after cooked the ingredients, transfer them straight from the pan, while it is super hot, to marinade seasoning.

​Protein ingredients and vegetables infuse the flavor to the marinade sauce and it becomes better and better taste after leaving for a while, I would say more than 1 hour is good. over night and after two days is the fridge is also fine.

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