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Everyday Japanese Recipes

The Everyday Japanese Recipes lower the bar to cook Japanese food, which you may like those dishes in Japanese restaurant nearby.

Since I've lived in the U.S for 10 years, because of my husband work relocation, I tried to cook Japanese home cooking with local ingredients. As long as there is Asian market around your place, you can start to cook those dishes.

I've been teaching Japanese cooking people from over the world, and I give ingredients substitution for people who are not familiar with the ingredients in the recipes. Most of the ingredients can be found in Asian market, or you can find something similar ingredients in your local grocery store.

If you have those four seasonings, you can start cooking Japanese food.

If you have those four seasonings, you can start cooking Japanese food. Teriyaki-sauce is the most useful and easy convention.

1. Soy sauce

2. Miso

3. Sake

4. Mirin

However, Mirin can be substituted to Honey.

Additionally universal ingredients believe you have in your kitchen.

5. Vinegar



For instance, Teriyaki sauce is easy and useful sauce compound of soy sauce, sake, sugar and mirin. Premade teriyaki sauce in a store shelf is sweet and sometime added MSG in the liquid.

I recommend to make Teriyaki sauce at home with those ingredients, and cook with fillet of salmon or chicken. You will

find it easy and delicious than you thought.

Then try other recipes and you may find Japanese cooking is easier than you thought!

Enjoy Japanese Cooking!

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