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Cool Cocktail Evening at Bar Gen Yamamoto

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The cocktail place Gen Yamamoto in Azabu-Juban is like a secret hideaway. It is hard to find...for me, and once I enter the cozy bar, I felt something special expectations.

The is a long wooden counter with seven seats surrounding in a small kitchen. The bartender Gen-san prepares the beautiful glassware for the guests and making cocktails efficiently.

It was calm and sacred atmosphere, and we can hear only the water flows and preparing the cocktails.

The bar offers Omakase style, the bartender Gen-san creates the cocktail which is made from the season's best ingredients for the drinks.

The ingredients are mostly in-seasons. There are special kinds of domestic fruits, vegetables which are produced by contracted farmers.

4 kinds of glasses of omakase style cocktails will be served then 3 other glasses of cocktail if you want more.

Each cocktails are amazing both visual and the tastes. Fruits cocktails are made from seasonal fruits which are freshly squeezed in front of me.

Hope you enjoy the evening with stylish cocktails in Tokyo!

Gen Yamamoto

*English menus available

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