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Cooking Class in New Kitchen Studio in Tokyo is Coming Soon!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Food & Friends Cooking Class will offer in Brand New Kitchen Studio starting from June 21st!

I will start to offer the class in brand new kitchen studio from Friday June 21st. The location is 7 min walk from Yotsuya station, which is accessed in JR line, Marunouchi line and Nanboku line.

Yotsuya is a convenient easy to access from Shinjuku in 5 min, Tokyo station in 15 min and Shibuya in 15 min. The location of kitchen studio is off the busy street near Yotsuya station, in a quiet residence area.

The kitchen is designed by an architect office which is good at designing Japanese style architecture.

The kitchen accommodates 6 people for working together.

I'd like you to spend special time in calm and comfortable my kitchen studio!

Click here to book the class

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