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Cherry blossoms are still there!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I went to see cherry blossoms in Shinjuku gyoen, national garden in Tokyo. There are 65 kinds of cherry and 1100 trees of cherry blossoms in the garden. The park consist of various area, such as Japanese landscape garden, French landscape garden and English landscape garden in 144 acres in size.

It's been chilly and crowded temperature past few days, and finally the sun comes up! People enjoy beautiful season and spend under the trees.


There are two teahouse in Japanese garden. One of the house runs for serving certain way of green tea with little sweets. Sometime people in my cooking class asks where visitor can experience tea ceremony, and I always ask them to come this house in the garden. It is rare and precious experience to taste tea in such a beautiful house in the garden.

Most beautiful sakura week in this year.

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