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Moisture Chicken Cha-shu

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Chicken Cha-shu, one step cooking; Add all the ingredients in a pot and cook. Simple process and great result.

Recently I heard chicken breast intake 100 g per day support physical and mental health.

​I've been trying to make good chicken breast and this is very easy yet taste and texture are perfect!


Ingredients Chicken breast 1 piece ​Soy sauce 150ml ​Mirin 100ml ​Water 80ml Sugar 3 Tbsps ​Vinegar 1/2 Tbsp ​Ginger grated 1 Tbsp ​Garlic grated 1 tsps ​Spring onion green part 1 ea

1 Prepare a small pot. Add all the ingredients.

2 Turn the heat high and bring them to a boil. Reduce heat low and cook for 7 min to 10 min, depending on the chicken breast size. I would say 300 g for 8min. ​Then the surface side down and cook another 7 to 10 min over low heat.

3 Cover the lid and leave it until completely cooled down. Cut in half to see if the chicken has cooked. If it doesn't enough to cook, take the chicken out and bring the seasonings to a boil again. Then add chicken pieces back to the pot and cook additional 3 to 5 min until cook completely.

​* The chicken should be cooked completely, but shouldn't be over cooked. The time for leaving a pot with lid is still cooking. Check the doneness after chicken cooled completely.

The cooking seasoning liquid can be a ramen soup. Add hot water to adjust the taste.

Enjoy cooking!

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