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Cooking report from a couple from Australia

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Beautiful Japanese dishes and the table decoration

I was just impressed and screamed "Wow!" when I saw this picture which was sent from a lady by email just took my class a week before. It seems like a restaurant, but even somewhere heart warming food and lovely atmosphere. The table expresses her mindful life and her sense of beauty.

I believe it is not easy to get Japanese ingredients in her local grocery store, but she prepared all the right ingredients for the cooking.

One of my purpose to teach Japanese cooking for Japan tourists is to recognize cooking Japanese food is easier than people expect.

Many people from the world love Japanese food and they visited to Japan because the foods are delicious. Even though not many people haven't cooked Japanese food at home, but experienced to taste them in Japanese restaurants.

There is no big difference between restaurant food and home style food. Cooking at home is even healthier and inexpensive than food in restaurant. So I'd love people cook easy Japanese food at home.

Those are basic seasonings for cooking


Soy saue

Mirin, can be substituted for honey

Rice vinegar

Those seasonings are all fermented food and enable the ingredients better texture and tastier. So it is important to choose right seasonings at the begging of cooking.

The picture encouraged me to teach Japanese homestyle cooking more enthusiastically.

I hope she's been still enjoying cooking new Japanese dishes.

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