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We offer several courses. All classes focuses on Japanese home cooking. Please click the button to know more detail.

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You will gain not only the 'how' to cook and prepare lesson, but you'll also discover the 'culture' of Japanese Cuisine.

About Me and My Story

I'm Fukuko, Culinary experienced  Japanese chef as well as a Sake sommelier. What I offer you is ...

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About Me

I'm Fukuko

I'm culinary experienced Japanese chef as well as a Sake sommelier.
What my classes offer you are:

  • Knowledge of the background of Japanese foods

  • Fermented food including miso, sake and soy sauce 

  • Techniques of Japanese cooking


My passion is to share, not only techniques but also a history which is the unique point that you’ll get from my Japanese cooking classes – this includes sushi making.
You can learn how to make sushi at many places in Japan, and in the world, but it is very rare to learn its culture, as well which is why I run the classes.
For example, the participants learn about one of most famous of Japanese seasonings – “miso” – which is a super healthy food, and used since the Heian period (from the 8th century), so gaining knowledge of miso and how to cook miso soup.
If you are interested in sake, there is a class for you to learn and compare the different tastes, depending on the manufacturing area, rice, water and the process with some delicious Japanese nibbles.
You will find the Japanese cooking classes, which are instructed in English at Food & Friends Tokyo, have a very friendly atmosphere and you are guaranteed to learn a lot, as many participants express their happy feelings and appreciation at the end of classes or by email later to make all the classes even better.
There are two venues one in Tokyo and one in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture – a beautiful resort town in the mountains.
 Food & Friends Tokyo is proud to offer Japanese cooking classes to anyone to make their time in Japan even more memorable.

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