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For Tour Agent 

Food & Friends Tokyo Cooking Class provides a great opportunity to learn Japanese food culture and local habits.


Our high-quality class, Seasonal Cooking Class, and Cooking Class in Karuizawa private villa were originally offered for people who hired a private tour guide, and who are comfortable with high-quality surroundings.


The ingredients I choose are fresh and good quality and the dishes you will be served are mostly made in Arita, Nagasaki, famous and popular high-class porcelain produce area. The cooking tool, such as kitchen knives are also Japanese traditional products. I would like the guests to enjoy the whole culinary experience in my new kitchen studio. 


Also, it is hard to know how the dishes are prepared and will be turned out delicious and beautiful appearance for the travelers. The instructor Kishi, who is a certified Sake sommelier, fermented food instructor, educated culinary school in NY, M.A in Food Studies, deconstruct the component of Japanese food and explain easily to the people. 


The class promises that all the participants impressed many clues of Japanese seasonings, its histories, and our food culture.


Moreover, the class is offered at a beautiful modern Japanese style kitchen studio, which is a designed well-known architect firm.


I will offer a private class and the clients can choose the menus for cooking.  Please contact me any questions about the class.











For  Cooperates

Team Buildings


Food & Friends Tokyo Cooking offers cooperate team building sushi making activity. 

Cooking together to collaborate and develop mutual trust and respect on the process of making sushi and other dishes. You don’t need to be a master of the Japanese cooking skills to take part: Food & Friends Cooking instructors and assistants  provide expert guidance on how to prepare, cook and present a beautiful in visual and delicious Japanese food. 


Sake tasting session is also available. The session consists of the lecture, sake tastings, food pairings and quiz. 




  • Sushi rolls, vegetarian, vegan available

  • Temari-sushi, vegetarian, vegan available

  • Home style dish

  • Miso soup 

  • Water

  • Optional 2 kinds of sake tasting  


Class size: 10  to 30 people


  • Sushi Class for 6000 JPY per person plus rental kitchen studio fee, 35,000 JPY~  

  • Sushi plus 2 kinds of sake tastings for  7000 JPY per person plus rental kitchen studio fee, 35,000 JPY~

  • 4 kinds of Sake tastings and 4 food sample pairings 5000 yen per person plus rental kitchen fee 30000 JPY





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